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Artisto at a glance

On-Hertz Artisto is an audio-first software media engine for broadcast and media professionals. From simple signal monitoring to complex live production workflows, Artisto's fully modular architecture enables media brands to go from idea to high-quality content faster.

Artisto runs on Windows and Linux (using Docker) on Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IT equipment, on-premises (bare-metal or hypervisor), on-the-go (laptops and NUCS), or on-demand (in the cloud).

Artisto offers a wide range of capabilities including routing, processing, AoIP contribution, monitoring... The full product sheet can be found here.

Artisto is architectured in several layers:

  1. the engine itself as a collection of micro-services;
  2. an open, modern and well-documented API;
  3. user interfaces
    • the Designer allows system engineers and architects to design audio pipelines with an intuitive brick-building web interface (in line with the highly modular engine architecture)
    • turnkey or fully custom operational user interfaces
    • bridges to third-party party protocols (MIDI, MIDI RTP, Ember+, Cerebrum...) for hardware controllers and/or third-party software.

We recommend you to check our YouTube channel to get a better idea of how our customers take advantage of Artisto.

Quick support guidelines

This user guide is designed to be as comprehensive as possible and should empower you to have a running session of your product quickly.

Should you encounter a case that this guide does not address, please email us at

Continuous improvement

On-Hertz is committed to continuous improvement, to which end the specifications and characteristics of our products are subject to change without notice.

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